What we do

During June, July and August we meet in a public place to entertain ourselves and those who pass by.  The usual procedure on Tuesday evenings is to go around the music circle and have each player name a tune for the group to play. We have had as many as thirty players at a time but it is more common to have fifteen or twenty. Some people bring their lawn chairs and just listen. Other people find us there when they are out for a stroll and stop to listen. We usually have a few extra dulcimers for people to try out and someone is always willing to work with people who are looking for some help in learning to play the dulcimer.

During the months from September through May the group breaks into two groups: one for hammered dulcimer players and one for mountain dulcimer players.  The HD players meet on the first Thursday evening and the MD players meet on the third Thursday evening of each month.  Both groups meet at 7:00 p.m. at the Tippecanoe Arts Federation building on North Street in Lafayette.

Please leave a reply if you'd like to.

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